• Immediate 365/24/7 Response

  • Free Roadside Assistance

  • Have your vehicle repaired at any ASE-certified facility

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • Most Affordable Policies in the Industry

ASE Certified
30 Day Money Back
24/7 Response

Immediate 365/24/7 Response:

Premier Auto Protect is always just a phone call away--every day, every night, even during holidays. We never close--not on Christmas Day, not on New Year’s Eve, not on the Fourth of July--never! Whenever you need your car repaired, just call our toll-free number, and you will speak to a live operator, day or night!

Free Roadside Assistance:

Ever worry that your car might break down at night, on the highway or a small country road, with nobody around to help you with the repair? Well, after you’re a Premier Auto Protect customer, you won’t have to ever worry about this situation, or any similar situation again--because all you have to do is call the local tow truck company, have them start your vehicle or tow it to a repair shop, and we will reimburse your expense (up to the amount determined by the level of your policy).

Have your vehicle repaired at any ASE-certified facility:

Have a favorite local repair center that you have a relationship with and know and trust? As long as they are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified (which they probably are), you can continue to use that facility. Every reputable service center in the United States is ASE-certified. Which means that you can get your vehicle repaired at all reputable centers under Premier Auto Protect!

Money Back Guarantee:

If, after reviewing all of this, you’re now thinking that maybe you should be buying one of our policies to protect you against unpredictable, unaffordable breakdowns, here’s what you should do: buy it! Our “30 Day Money Back Guarantee” is your security that you have a full month to change your mind and get 100% of what you paid back. So buy with confidence & peace of mind--we stand by our product 100%.

Most Affordable Policies in the Industry:

By offering 3 tiers of service, we allow you, the customer, to choose the level of coverage that makes the most sense for your particular lifestyle, that fits your budget. Why pay for extra services that you might need? Rather than offering a “one size fits all” plan, we allow you to customize the plan to fit your own individualized needs.

In addition, we have forged strong relationships with many large, respected organizations so that we can offer their members “Preferred Pricing.” So if you send us proof of active membership in AAA, AARP, PenFed Credit Union or USAA (for military families), TriCare (for active service members) or the VA system (for veterans)